I Might Have a Problem…

A nail polish problem.

I am always captivated by all the pretty colors. Shiny… must have it. Glitter? Gimme!  Neon… take my money.


My box of colors!

My box runneth over. Yet, what do I buy at Walgreens today? See that bright orangey coral color in the right corner. Yup. My newest pretty!


I’m in love. 😉


Make Up: e.l.f. Lash Tint Mascara


Brand: e.l.f.

Product: Lash Tint Mascara


What is it?:
Mascara with a teensy weensy brush.


My thoughts: Not for the heavy handed or rushed mascara user. It is not fast drying… so if you like to blink a lot, be wary. Also, the product itself can gather up and overwhelm this tiny brush.

It’s not all bad, though. It gives you a nice and natural, no clumps look. It’s also very nice for the little baby lashes on the lower lid.


Final Verdict: C
I like the final look I recieved from this product… but it took a few curse words, a damp napkin, and another spoolie brush to even it all out.

I love the brush, I think the fault of this product is the actual formula of the mascara. It’s not easy to work with, so if you are in a hurry, grab for another mascara!

I hope this helps! Have you used this product? Have any suggestions? Let me know down below!

Thanks Lovelies! ♥


Make-up: Wet n Wild MegaGlo Conturing Palette


Brand: Wet n Wild

Product: MegaGlo Contouring Palette


What is it?: A round palette with a highlight color and contour color.
Color 749A, “Dulce De Leche”.


My thoughts:
I love this product. Is it as good as the highlight/contour in my Tarte palette? No, yet that’s not necessarily bad. These are both matte shades whereas Tarte’s “Champagne” highlighter has a shimmer to it. Therefore, of course “Champagne” is going to have more of a pop to it!

I feel like this is an afforable and easy palette to use as a beginner. It’s cheap, so you don’t feel quite so bad when you screw up and have to wipe it away. I’ve found its also pretty forgiving and you can easily blend away any slight uh ohs.

Final Verdict: B+
For what it is… it is spectacular! Easy to use, forgiving, and very affordable. I feel that you get more bang for your buck. This product’s quality does perform much better than you’d expect for its price point.
I feel like its not long wearing. That’s the only reason I dropped its score. But like I said, still a great product!

Have you tried it? More questions? Let me know in the comments!


A Year Ago….

A year ago today we watched as you slipped away.

Love, prayer, tears, all were present… but none of it could save you.

Pleading with God in my head at your bedside, willing you to open your eyes and your breath to not stagger. I wasn’t ready to let you go… none of us were.

We still needed you, MIL, hell … we still do. How we have traversed this year without you is still a mystery. I still wait for your call. I still think I hear your voice. 2-22 is everywhere… like a kick in the pants.

Today is going to be hard. Not as hard as a year ago, but painful just the same. As painful as it is, we have to learn to live without you. We’ve made it a year… but we have many more to go.

I love you and miss you more than words can say. My heart aches today as I know that with each passing year from here after your voice will be harder to recall, your sayings will linger into fading memories and the image of your face will be harder to picture in our minds without a photograph. These are the truly painful things that the first anniversary of death brings. The day of death we begin to learn to live without someone… a year later, we’ve made it but begin to hold on tighter to fleeting memories.

Rest easy, MIL, I miss you but I know this wasn’t goodbye. .. just a see you later.

New Hobby, Frustrating Hobby


Hell hath no fury like this woman learning to crochet.

I like to tell myself that I can be patient. Apparently I am good at lying to myself. On a related note, crochet hooks make a very satisfying ping when they bounce off the table. (Straightens halo)

So, after I picked up my crochet hook and yarn… I managed to produce this monstrosity:


You can laugh, I most certainly did. Attempt two is still in progress. It is more rectangular in form, which is the quadrilateral I was aiming for in the first place.

Make-Up: Tarte Rainforest After Dark


Brand: Tarte

Product: Amazonian Clay Rainforest After Dark Palette


What is it?:
A palette with a highlighter, a bronzer, a blush and six eye shadows.


1. “Champagne” Highlighter
2. “Park Ave Princess” Bronzer
3. “Unleashed” Blush

4. “Bare to Explore”
5. “Make a Mauve”
6. “Plum Away with Me”
7. “Up to No Gold”
8. “Tan-gled Up in You”
9. “Don’t Turn A-Brown”

My Thoughts:
I love, love, LOVE this palette. It is a “prestige” product. First I’ve ever owned, to be honest. Butthead bought it for me (gave me the $$ and sent me off to Ulta) for my birthday!

I must say, there is a definate difference in color payout in these products. I feel like in some areas of make up, you can rock drug store in lieu of prestige and no one’s the wiser. Eyeshadow and this highlighter/ bronzer are just on that upper level. You aren’t going to get this rich, buttery color from e.l.f. and I do love some me e.l.f., but it just isn’t gonna happen.


On my eyes, I love the shimmer from the gold on the inner corner of my eye.

Check out how my cheek shimmers with the highlight and blush.

I could go on and on about this palette, but I won’t… if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Final Verdict: A+ … if you have $40 to throw at make up and you’re tired of eyeshadows with no color payout (exactly what happened to me) get this palette! It’s been a great first prestige palette for me!



I’ve got it!

“I Tried…”

It fits my life. I tried. I try a lot of new things… and fail at most. Why not have y’all laugh at my failure along the way.

Soo… site will be changing over soon. Cue the construction tape and bulldozer noises.

The bulldozer noises will go nicely with the sound of my neighbor’s lawnmower… which he is riding around his house right now. Why? Hell if I know, I sure know he ain’t cutting grass. That bremuda is as dry and crispy as ramen right out of the bag.

This is my life. Welcome to it.