I am JUST that Lucky

Hand, Foot, and Mouth.

It SUCKS.  It sucks even more when you catch it from an adorable baby who you cannot punch for giving it to you.

My throat feels like dynamite went off in it and I have itchy blisters all over my hands, more coming up on my feet… oh yeah, and around my mouth.

Oh yeah… the real kicker? There is just a slim chance adults can get it. Yup. I’m just THAT lucky!




Oh Me, Oh My… Update!


So, I feel like I am a bad blogger! I haven’t blogged in so long! I am so sorry y’all!

Losing MIL took the wind out of my sails in many aspects of my life.  Blogging just fell to the wayside and for that I deeply apologize!

So! Here’s some updates on my progress on My Road to Motherhood!
–I have lost 30lbs! I still have about 40 to go… but I am almost half way! Yaaaaas!
–Butthead and I have gotten into a more “homebody” routine. We eat 95 percent at home now!
–We both are still Vaping! He’s down to no nicotine. I’m still at 6mg. My nerves are still too fragile to go no nic. But, we will have been smoke free for one year in October for him and November for me!
— My sleep apnea has all but disappeared! The weight loss plus quitting smoking has knocked that bad boy out!
So, hooray for progress! I am hoping we will be ready for TTC by early to mid 2016!

So! That’s where we stand! Thank you all for hanging in there, Lovelies! I’ve got more topics for later I am working on! Hopefully my hiatus is over!


Makeup and a Side of Sass

What is it about makeup? It gives me such sass now! As a teenager I felt like I hid behind my makeup. Covering pimples and various face demons, I spackled my face with the peachy hued goop and hoped no one would see what hid underneath.

Now at 28, I have rediscovered makeup and its splendor. The difference of ten or so years has found a new perspective on this magical medium. Instead of covering up with makeup I feel like I am painting a masterpiece! Rembrandt of the shadow brush, I dust and blend light and shadows onto a canvas to define a face I rather admire! Hey… you’re quite cute and sassy, you ol’ reflection, you!


Oh, and all this craze about brows. Yayus. Ladies… an eyebrow stencil and gel and powder. Do it. Find your sass.

Some may scoff and say, makeup only hides true beauty. I disagree. I believe, if done right, it enhances and highlights. It allows me to embrace my face and feel like a polished work of art. Of course I still embrace my natural look and still fore go my makeup on days, but the days I do fancy up… I feel unstoppable! Sexy and unstoppable!

How about you, Lovelies? How do you feel about makeup?