Listen to Me, Dammit!

I wanted to shake her little raggedy head saying, “Listen to me, Dammit! ”

Sitting on the porch with Butthead’s brother’s girlfriend (I believe I called her Hippie in previous posts), talking with her friend and her friend’s mother. The young friend is a new mother and of course the subject of convo was all things baby.

Although I call her Hippie, Hippie is not “hip” to the new resurgence of breastfeeding and the like. Hippies young friend is trying her hand at breastfeeding. I can tell this slightly unnerves Hippie. None of those who were present know that I have a fair amount of knowledge on the subject despite the fact I have yet to birth a child.

The young mom admits she quit breastfeeding for a week or so while she was sick. (Baby is only a month old) I speak up.

“That’s the opposite of what you should do! Unless you are taking a medicine that is unsafe for breastfeeding moms, keep breastfeeding to increase the chance he won’t get sick. Your body will put the proper antibodies in your milk to help him not get sick.”

You woulda thought I grew another head. “Really? Hmm.”

“Yes. Really.”

Hippie then says “Well, I’d check with your doctor…” before I could tell her anymore info and promptly changes the subject!

Look, I may not be a mom, but I am not a moron! I wouldn’t steer this girl wrong… and it’s obvious she doesn’t know much at all. I just want to help!

I do my research, my Bestie breastfeeds… I know a few things! Maybe I get too sensitive, but I don’t think my two cents should be discredited because I am not a mom, yet!