Two Months


It has been TWO MONTHS since I fully quit smoking and switched completely to vaping!


I have run into a bunch of trying experiences I worried about and thus far have passed with flying colors! The biggest was New Years, drinking and not smoking.

Although, I had a moment of doubt- especially with smokers being there and smelling it- I stepped away, took my vape, and reminded myself how FAR I’ve come and the benefits I’ve already seen. I realized I did NOT want to loose all that progress!



Til next timeβ™₯



Vaping and It’s Positive Effects on Me


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Vaping has been the greatest recent change I have made to my life. I was skeptical at first. Skeptical that: 1. It would keep me from smoking and 2. That it would make such a difference!

It has made an astonishing difference. It has been a month now since I have even attempted to smoke. So much has already changed! I cannot wait to see how much better it will become once I start hitting more milestones!


Ten Great Benefits So Far:

1. My sense of smell– It’s amazing! I was completely clueless as to how much my nose was missing!

2. How I smell- I no longer smell like an ashtray. I enjoy putting on my coat and smelling the laundry detergent.

3. My breath and teeth- I no longer feel like I have to constantly chew gum. My teeth are starting to not look as dingy!

4. I don’t feel like I am running away from convo. – I no longer have to banish myself away for ten minutes at a time, just to return smelling of smoke.

5. No nicotine hands- No yellow fingers and nails. Also, if you have ever smoked and then put in contacts, you know how horrible it is to have nicotine in your eyes. It’s like Satan spit in your eye.

6. No more burns- As any smoker knows, accidents happen. Eventually you burn yourself, your clothes or your surroundings. Great thing about vapes-no fire!

7.  I can skip the convience store– I had to go buy smokes once a day. I now drive by the store on the way home and stick out my tongue! Haha!

8. Saving money- I have saved over $200.00 so far (not including Butthead) and have not smoked 50+ packs of smokes.

9. Energy and healing- It is absolutely amazing! Yesterday, Butthead, Bestie, Loud Mouth, Turkey and I tried out Just Dance on the Kinect for Xbox. I was UH-MAZED at how I did. I was not gasping for air, I did not feel like I had to stop- and we were gettin’ it!  Previously, I would have been fall down exhausted and gasping like a fish out of water. I loved feeling the difference! Plus, this morning, I did not ache. I was expecting to feel like I got hit by a truck! Amazing, I tell you!

10. This is by far the MOST important and life changing part. – My breathing.  I have not discussed this issue, mainly because of my own embarrassment. I HAD sleep apnea. Notice I said, had. Since I have quit smoking, I no longer snore as bad and I don’t choke at night (according to Butthead. ) Previously I snored terribly. Not cute, girly, wispy snoring- we are talking, strangling a wildebeest type snoring. (Again, terribly embarrassing) Loud Mouth and Bestie noticed this weekend that they did not hear me like they had before. They also noticed I was breathing lighter in general.

I am so pleased to hear that others are noticing a difference! It is exciting for me to know my apnea is going away. You see, I have been holding back the ENTIRE truth from y’all, my weight was not my only health roadblock to motherhood. Butthead and I knew I could not carry a child while having sleep apnea. It was not a risk we wanted to take.

So, folks- this marks one hurdle passed on my road to motherhood!




New Vape Things


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Over the holiday I acquired new vape things! Some good, some not so much! Here’s the rundown!


1. Vintage E-Liquid “The Joker”
Wonderful taste, it is a creamy smooth blend with a hint of orange. It vapes great with a wonderful cloud production. It also comes in an easy to carry, zippo style bottle. It is quite wonderful!

2. This tank.– I don’t know what to even call it. Crap would be accurate. To be fair, it was $2.50 at a gas station, but I expected it would last at least 24 hours. My coil was going bad and I did not have a spare. I decided to get this tank to see me thru Thanksgiving. It lasted a total of *maybe* 15 hours before it stopped registering on my battery. Lucky for me, my coil wasn’t completely kaput.

3. My new coils! – I got the five pack the day after Thanksgiving! Ahhh. Satisfying vape returned and all was well!

4. My new tip- I got this for free, so I didn’t get to be too choosy.  I am still a little hesitant to use a metal tip. I have this fear i will knock my teeth out with it, haha!


I also “blinged” my vape. I made a charm and attached it. Just adds a little personality to it!  πŸ™‚


A Moment

Just a moment.
A moment of pure aggrivation!

Ever have one of those? For no real good, rational reason, but you are just so annoyed you could squish someone??!

That just happened to me.

Butthead and I are in relax mode. Sitting together, half watching football, half playing games on our phones. I guess the TV isn’t loud enough, I dunno, but all the sudden all my focus is drawn to the sound of Butthead taking drags off his vape.

I try to ignore it. Focus on my puzzle game.
Ugh. Focus! Maybe I should hit my vape.
Butthead: (confuzzled look) “What? -sssssss- I think you are hearing the whistles on TV. -SSSSSSSSSSSS-”


Well, I did. I am okay now. Just a moment of rage. Go figure!?

One Month


I have been vaping for a month now! I still have 5 cigs left in my pack I bought the day I bought my vape. I haven’t even tried to smoke one in about 2 weeks. I hate the taste! I figure that it’s a reinforcer- if I should want one, it’s there, but as soon as I light up, I hate the taste!

I got new stuff, too! New tip and new juice.


Dark pink drip tip matches my battery


Cosmic Fog e juice flavor, Kryptonite!

I love the new tip and the juice is great. It’s a watermelon flavor… but it’s not overwhelming!  It is, however, kinda pricey compared to my usual house brand juice. So, I won’t get it all the time. ($12 for 15ml vs my usual $15 for 30ml)

But, I am very excited that I am sticking to it! Whooohooo!


More Than Expected


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Favorite Topics

Vaping has given me more than I ever expected! I noticed this last night as I worked on the “Favorite Topics” page.

Vaping has tamed my Baby Fever! It is not gone, but Vaping has given me something to focus my attention on. I feel productive and like I am achieving something. Something that is moving me towards the goal of having kids!

I see it this way, by quitting smoking I am:

β†’ Making my body healthier to carry a child.

β†’I feel that I will be able to get healthier, now that I can BREATHE!

β†’Our home will be cleaner and smell better(no ashtrays and smoke) and thus will be more suitable for kids.

So… hip hip hooray for kicking butt!

Cleaning the Vape


Cleaning Tutorial. Giving some insight into my new Vaping reality.
I guess as with anything that is better for you, vaping requires more effort on your part. Part of the extra effort is cleaning and refilling the vape.

In all honesty- taking photos, creating the graphics and writing this took 10x longer than the actual cleaning process! It takes (after getting the process down pat) about 10 minutes. I’ve hunted for a lighter for a longer period of time than that. So, it’s a fair enough trade!


1. Everything all together.
Here is another diagram to show the pieces and their names.


2. Remove tank from battery.
I start by cleaning the terminal. (Arrow) Swirl a q-tip around in there to get the juice and crud out.

3.Shows the black crud you get out of the terminal.

4. Next I shove a q-tip in the drip tip (mouth piece). You might have to get violent with this. I have to smush the cotton tip then forcefully convince it to go thru.

5. Grab the tank (see yucky juice remanents in there). Next is taking the tank apart.


6. Remove bottom part of tank.
Now flip it over on a paper towel that has been folded over a few times. Let the majority of the remaining juice drain.

7. Disassemble the rest of the tank. (Depending on model of tank, there will be different pieces) my tank is a KangerTech ProTank 2. It comes completely apart.

8. All pieces of the tank.

9. Clean every-and I mean EVERY nook and cranny of this sucker! Threads, inside, outside… all of it! I use paper towels and q-tips.


10. Shows tank disassembled, then put back together- almost. Put it all back except for putting the bottom on. You still have to refill it, silly! πŸ˜‰

11. Add JUICE!- AHHH, nice, clean, wonderful juice!

12. Screw bottom back on. Attach the tank back to the battery and- drumroll…. VAPE ON!

There you have it. The very basics of Vape maintainence! Woot! πŸ™‚

Til next time, Lovelies!β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘