Ever just have one of those days? Those: “I can’t brain today, I have the dumb” kinda days. This was me on Friday. I’m not at all proud of this, but for comedic value… here you go.

*driving to the grocery store, passing by a cow pasture*

Me: Aw! Cows! Oh! Those little ones laying down, are those babies?

Butthead: No, babe. They’re midget cows.

Me: -__-

Butthead: *cracks up*

*washing dishes while Butthead cooks*

Me: *turn on water* *waits for it to get hot* You got any dishes you’re done with over there, babe?

Butthead: *hands me a bowl and cutting board*

Me: *checks water temp… still cold.* why is it taking so long to heat up?! Gah… this ain’t right! *starts twisting knobs*

Butthead: what’s wrong?

Me: The wa- *turns cold knob, water turns off. I turn on the HOT water this time.* Nothing. Im an idiot.

Butthead: Not touching that! *laughs*


And He Loves Me Anyway

*Lounging in bed with Butthead, his legs outstretched.*

Me:*grabs vape by its tank, thunks Butthead under his knee, no reflex* hmph! *looks at him*

Butthead:*eyebrow raise*

Me:*tap…tap…WACK, his leg jumps* hahahahaha! *smiles at Butthead*

Butthead: *rolls eyes* dork.

Love is Love

Coming from the Bible belt, you can only imagine the myrid of hateful and/or passive agressive posts that have filled my news feed this week. Its been a battle ground. Half overjoyed for the Supreme Court ruling… others blatantly or passive aggressively posting about how they love Jesus and how we have let him down. (Sigh)

So to let out my “aggression” before muh brain ‘splodes… I’m just gonna leave these here:



#loveislove #loveeveryone

Later my Lovelies!


Ever have something you just don’t feel like spending money on to replace? Something you can mend, “well enough” to get by. Well… for me, its my glasses!

I wear contacts during the day, while in public, etc… I only use my glasses at home. So, really, who cares what they look like? I can’t justify spending that money…


Yes, ladies and gents… that would be a pipe cleaner standing in for the arm of my glasses. LOL.

Cheapskate. Im tellin y’all. What my daddy would call redneck ingenuity right there! He was the KING of this practice! Chain break in the toilet? Paper clip! Barbies head pop off? No need to buy another, just tape her neck and pop that golden lock filled head back on there! I could go on and on. Man was a genius! If bondo, duct tape, super glue or a band aid can’t fix it… you’re screwed!

How bout you,  Lovelies?!  Ever got creative to avoid shelling out money?

So… about that Crazy…

Hehm. Sorry bout that last post. In combo with my raw emotions over this weekend, Butthead and I got in an arguement. He actually woke me up to argue. (Not his finest move.) Which he instantly regretted, I am sure, cause I turned into a freaking blubbering fool… then got pissy. He then took the back away slowly approach. Smart man. 😀

I feel better now. I can breathe again. Whoot. Again… sorry for the crazy woman post… but it had to be released!

Much Love Lovelies!

So… Here I Am

I so incredibly frustrated for a multitude  of reasons… I begin to cry. That makes me mad. I fucking cry harder. Then between sobs, my nose stops up. I feel like I can’t fucking breathe. Which irritates me more… I’m so fucking irritated I wanna crawl outta my skin.

Facebook people and their Dads piss me off.

Its been ten years since momma died.

I am fucking cranky and to top it off my FUCKING FINGERS keep hitting wrong letters.

I. Just. Could. Explode. Right. Now.

For real. My everything is bothering me. And my left fucking nostril is stopped. FUCK THIS SHIT!  

Tears That Stain My Face

The tears that stain my face will never be enough.
The tears of ten years flow like a river.
The tears I could shed, the tears I have shed… not one can bring you back.
If only it was that simple.  If it was only that easy.

I miss my parents like crazy. Ten years ago today, life as I knew it was bulldozed. An 18 year old, freshly graduated bright eyed me was forever transformed the night my mom… my best friend, collapsed in front of me. Gone in an instant.

Ten years and I still miss her more everyday. Days like today I get angry. Why her? All the horrible people in the world. .. why take her? She was still needed! She still had life to live! She was only 49!

W H Y?

Days like today I just want to curl in a ball and forget the world. Just lay in bed, sob and not move an inch. Ten years and still paralized by emotion. I just want to let the tears stain my face… that’s all they are good for.


I present to you… the “its hot as HELL, I don’t care” hair style.


Brought to you by the letter F as in f&#% this shit. And by the number 95 as in it was 95 f#&%ing degrees today and I think my face is melting.

*curtsy…collapses in front of fan.*

Quick Post

Hello Lovelies!

I have not dropped off the face of the earth, just been super busy! I will post more soon!

Quick question though, have any of yall seen these “hour glass” shaper commercials? How awful are they!? “Hide that boring baby body!” Ugh! I haven’t even had a kid and that offends me! I plan to rant some more later… but right now I have a hot date with my pillow! Haha!

Good night Lovelies!