Southern Speak

I noticed that here lately some folks have been interested in some of sayings or words that we southerners use. I got the inspiration from a convo with a friend. So here are three “Southern-isms” from yours truely.


Well, bless your heart! If a southerner says this to you- be offended! They basically just called you stupid. (With exception to children… mostly. They can really be “blessed”… and usually in a joking way! )


Ya know, you push it at the grocery store! I’ve known folks to argue this til they are blue in the face. Sis in law moved to Florida, no one there knows what a buggy is! A shopping cart? Pshhh. Buggy.


“They got that boy ruint!” And yes, that word is heavy on the rrrrr, nnnn, and tttt. Rrrrruinnnntt. Ya just hafta hear it.

Well! Thats it for now! I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if I should do more! Or maybe leave me a word- whether you want to know what it means or just love the word/phrase and think it should be included!

Later, Lovelies!



Oh, Memories!

Being the typical southern belle that I am, my teenage summer days were consumed with figuring out the best way to get tan! Tanning is like an Olympic sport in the south. Don’t you dare show up to a 4th of July barbeque in shorts with pasty legs!

Those days were brought to mind by this little ecard that popped up on my facebook.


Now, this sounds much more relaxing than it actually was. Picture this, if you will…
Me, 15 or 16… dragging a lounge chair out of my garage into my backyard, along with my cordless phone (no cellphone yet) , my boombox (complete with tape player) , a spray bottle of Off! , and a towel (to lay over my face).

So, now is when the athletic element comes into play! Event 1: setting up your chair! Remember those lovely 90s beach lounge chairs. The ones designed to fold into a “convenient” size. They look like they are made out of a bunch of straws wrapped in a metal frame. Yeah… well, after you unfold the legs you get to the fun part! Unfolding the head and foot.

*click click click* damn it! Too far…*click click cl-* shit! Its stuck! *kick….*click click click* Ugfghgghhhg!

Now that your chair is unfolded, comes event 2: spraying on the Off! Who needs baby oil when you slick up with Off! Now, you may ask why I need bug spray to lay in the sun. If this question comes to mind, you, my friend have obviously never been to Georgia. Mosquitoes are never in short supply and my backyard was full of trees and unruley, untouched nature. We. Had. Mosquitoes.

Now that you are greased to gills, time for event 3: tune that radio! Yes, my friend, just try to move around and tune that radio with your newly aquired butter-fingers! Ever drop a radio on your chest? I have. It sucks.

Radio station aquired? Great! Now tan for the few minutes of sunlight you have left before the sun moves behind the trees! (Because I was way too self conscious to tan in the front yard!)

Have any great tanning stories? Let me know, lovelies!


What Kind of Parent Are You?


I am curious. How many of you parents claim a “style” of parenting?

I want to start writing about this. As I make my journey down this road, the closer I get to being a mom, I get more curious about these “styles”.

There are so many!
Crunchy, attachment, free range, helicopter… then you have all the associated methods. Cry it out, co-sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding vs formula… to pump or not to pump. Organic, all natural or Gerber it up? So many voices screaming their way or the highway.

That is another reason, I want input from y’all! It seems like an all out parenting war out there! Some articles I see posted on facebook are devisive and shame others for not doing it their way. Some moms I know are even almost elitist in their views. Bestie even does this.

Bestie posted recently with a hashtag: #breastisbest

This was a post about her many months of breastfeeding. Now- yes, by all means she should be proud! It’s an accomplishment. Breast is best. Yes, yes… that is true, but I couldn’t help but to think- how might that read to a mom who *couldn’t* breastfeed?

It’s little things like that, it drives me nuts! How moms can make little digs at each other. I have another fb mom… a few actually, who have ACTUALLY argued down and DELETED a friend over when to forward face a car seat. A CAR SEAT, FOLKS!

Is it all “momma bear” instincts or what? Cause to me it seems that being mommy is already a tough gig, why not rally and support instead of beating each other over the head with “mommy facts”?

Hit me with some parental knowledge, Lovelies!


Cheater, Cheater…

Well, you know the rest! Ha!

This topic is brought to you by the letter P : as in PINTREST!

I was casually thumbing my way thru my Pintrest feed when I saw this:


Uh, ‘scuse you, uppity hands on your hips, uber-thin woman. Shuuush!

I happen to think that “cheat days” are perfectly acceptable! (This from a fat girl sounds less than creditable, but hear me out! )

Butthead and I have been doing AMAZING on this diet lifestyle change! Not even a month yet and I am down 20lbs and he’s down 30!
We have been eating “clean”, low carb and high protien! Very simular to the 21 day fix… just as close as we can. We are baby stepping our way into it! Here is an example of one our latest meals!


Cilantro Lime Shrimp over Zoodles


A snack: Strawberries with low fat mousse

So, for a reward we plan on having a date night tomorrow evening! A new Japanese Steakhouse opened up in town and we are going to have a cheat night!

You can’t go thru life avoiding the fact that you love indulging in “bad” food. You just can’t do it ALL the time! 🙂

Later Lovelies!


Video Game Epiphany

Haha. So, our friend… let’s call him, Smokey… left us his xbox 360 and collection of over 100 games (no exaggeration) to hold on to for a while since he was moving and could not take everything with him.

Well, we got out a few select titles and fooled around on them. My favorite being “The Sims 3″. I created 2 characters (that Butthead pointed out look like us). I was super excited to learn that these Sims (unlike previous versions I’ve played) can conceive and grow a family!

So, when I excitedly told Butthead my Sims had successfully conceived- he paused and sighed.

Me:”What?” (Back turned to him, playing game)

Him: “You’re making me feel bad.”

Me:*turn, eyebrow raise* “Why?”

Him: “You are now living your baby fever vicariously through a video game.”

Me: *sigh* “Well…” (I didn’t know how to respond… he was right. I was way too excited that my VIDEO GAME self was pregnant. )

Calling All Moms…

I need insight into a “mommy brain.”

So, for weeks now Bestie has had me lined up to watch Lil Man and Turkey for her so she could go to her Mom’s induction into the college honor society.

Last night she text me:

Her: Nevermind
Me: What?
Her: I decided I don’t want to leave (Lil Man) that long… he doesn’t really know you that well and I’m just not comfortable leaving him, sorry.

OKAAAY. First off, last two or three weeks I have gone every Tues to watch him while she went to the Dr. He is nothing but smiles for me. Even Sunday, we went to the lake and I had him for a good 45 minutes and he was laughing and cooing the whole time.

Why does she keep making it out like I am incapable? I seem to work out other times, then she hits me with something like that.  It feels like an underhand dig somehow. Two- if he really “doesn’t know me” (which I think is an absurd statement) how is he supposed to get to know me if she keeps using that excuse?

Moms-help me understand! I am super frustrated!

Oh, Butthead!

*I turn tv on for background noise, not even paying attention to whats on. I am fiddlin on my phone.*

Butthead to TV: OH! C’mon!

*I lift my head to see Meredith Vieria on the TV along with two other women and one guy. One woman says something*

Butthead: That’s such a sexist statement! Really? Pfft!

Me:  *not paying attention* huh?

Butthead: *ignores my oblivion* *the guy speaks* Duuude! He has no balls! He’s not standing up for the male perspective cause he’s surrounded by women! Ugh! I hate TV.

Me: uh-huh. *goes back to phone*