1.What is your middle name?:> Leighann

2.What was favourite subject at school?:  History and Language Arts

3.What is your favourite drink?: Coca Cola

4.What is your favourite song at the moment?:  I still love “Let it Go” from Frozen. Lol dork, I know

5.What is your favourite food?: Food is my weakness, but I love my fiances pasta salad. Oh so yummy! 

6.What is the last thing you bought?: Cigs. I AM quitting though! Going to vape! 

7.Favourite book of all time?: All time? Hm, I love the Hunger Games series. 

8.Favourite Colour?: Hot pink! 

9.Do you have any pets?: I do! A rotten lil kitty named Ninja. He is my baby! 

10.Favourite Perfume?: I dont wear perfume, my fiance is prone to migraines 

11.Favourite Holiday?: Halloween! We decorate like crazy! 

12.Are you married?: Close- engaged 

13.Do you speak any other language?: I took 4 years of French in hs and 1 in college, I was close to fluent. But lack of practice has left me quite rusty.

14.How many siblings do you have?: None

15.What is your favourite shop?: Hm. I am a sucker for thrift shops and goodwill! I love a deal! 

16.Favourite restaurant?: any mexican restaurant! 

17.When was the last time you cried?: 
When a frog got inside the house! I dislike frogs! I wanted him out, fast!

18.Favourite Blog?: I read so many, hard to say.

19.Favourite Movie?: At the moment, Real Steel 

20.Favourite TV show?: I really like the new show, Forever! 

21.PC or Mac?: PC 

22.What phone do you have?: Samsung Galaxy Stellar

23.How tall are you?:  5ft 3in

24.Can you cook?:
I caaaan, but not great. My fiance is better! And i love it! 

25. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?:
Never have… I would like to, though!



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