New Hobby, Frustrating Hobby


Hell hath no fury like this woman learning to crochet.

I like to tell myself that I can be patient. Apparently I am good at lying to myself. On a related note, crochet hooks make a very satisfying ping when they bounce off the table. (Straightens halo)

So, after I picked up my crochet hook and yarn… I managed to produce this monstrosity:


You can laugh, I most certainly did. Attempt two is still in progress. It is more rectangular in form, which is the quadrilateral I was aiming for in the first place.


6 thoughts on “New Hobby, Frustrating Hobby

  1. I had a really hard time when I first started crochet as well. I couldn’t find anything online that clearly explained how to put the hook into the chain so I kept getting funky ridges at the start of my crochet. And I ended up with the accidental trapezoid more than once too. XD

    From looking at your picture, even though it’s a little hard to see, I think you might have accidentally skipped the first stitch in the row, which is how you ended up with the tapering sides. 🙂
    Crochet is a really great hobby once you get the hang of it, so good luck! 😀

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