Cast of Characters- A reference


So, I figured my posts might start reading smoother if I used “names” instead of constantly describing who people are. Voila- cast of characters!


This is my fiance. Yes, Butthead. And yes, I DO call him this! It’s a term of endearment, a strange one, but a term of endearment none the less. 🙂 He’s the rock, keeps me focused and reminds me constantly I am beautiful. ♡


Pretty self explanatory.  My best friend.  She just delivered #2 and is the biggest clean freak I know. Do not track dirt in, she WILL hand you the broom. Really.


Okay, this is Besties man and Buttheads best friend. I could not find a better name for him. I thought about “Besties Man”, but that shortens to “BM” and well, that felt a bit too mean. He is loud and likes to talk- and don’t get him started on politics. Really, dont. Its a trap.


MIL- also self explanatory. She is the sweetest and will give you the shirt off her back. But- be warned. She has NO filter. You know that voice in your head that says stuff instantly, but then your “filter” kicks in and you shut your mouth? Yeah, she doesnt have THAT. However, this either results into hilarious stories or secretly apologizing to those she just verbally accosted. Either way, great stories afterwards. She also loves Chihuahuas. Also makes for great stories!


Turkey- The tenacious and bright daughter of Bestie and Loud Mouth. I love this kid like no other! She is hilarious and loves to chat. She will also school you on any Dinosaur that ever exsisted!


2 thoughts on “Cast of Characters- A reference

  1. I love this idea! Cast of Characters, I may have to consider doing something like that once I get into talking about “real life” on my blog. I totally love the nick names and the descriptions. Awesome stuff! Thanks for the inspiration, now to put that somewhere so I don’t forget. 🙂

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