imPRESS – ive


These suckers work! Now, there are some pros and cons… but they DO work.


Day 1


Day 2





Day 5 was the first day I had any true lifting. (Color me shocked)


And on day 7 the lifting turned to peeling off. My middle finger nail was peeling off, so I pulled it off and got ready to peel the rest off. Well… except, I couldn’t…


So I replaced the one I peeled off.

That was day 7, it’s now day 9… and I’ve just replaced my pointer finger and pinkie finger. It wasn’t easy… I had to pull (somewhat uncomfortably) to get them off.

Thank goodness they supply you with enough sizes to replace them. I think I have enough for a complete repacement.

Now for the list of Pros and Cons:

– After a day or so they will catch your hair.
– They smell kinda funny. (Can smell it when hands are to my face )
– Holds on a little too well when trying to remove.

– Does everything as promised.
– Short length allows for being functional.
– Good for a quick, maintenance free mani.

Have you lovelies tried this product? What do YOU think? Let me know in the comments!



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