Lord, I apologise…

(In my best Larry the Cable guy voice)

Have no idea who that is? Its ok. It’s a Southern/ Redneck thing.

ANYHOO. I apologise to you all for my anger as of late. Apparently the only muse I have lately is the lil red guy on my shoulder. He likes to cuss a lot… for that I am very sorry.

I should conduct myself more like a Southern Belle and less like redneck trash. What can I say… you gotta tangle with your roots to get a nice coiffed ‘do. (Sorry. It made me chuckle. Womp womp.)

Thinking about changing my blog name. I think it’s too restrictive and I seem to have this mental block against it here lately. PLUS, being constantly insulted about my views of anything baby/kid related has really shut me down.

What do y’all think? Help a girl out… 


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