In the Halloween Spirit… pt3

(Please read first: Part 1 and Part 2)

“HELP THEM! ” Her scream cut through the thick air like a knife.

I stood frozen, my mind trying to absorb what it did not comprehend. I see her, I hear her, but my mind knows she is not real. I know she is not real. Real people do not float and move as the fog does. She lurches forward, gliding, her toes pointed down with the misty fog seemingly encircling around them. She pulls the mist in tow. Her head tilts, as she grows close I see her ashen face contort.

“HELP THEM! DON’T YOU HEAR THEIR SCREAMS?” She shrieks in desperation. “HELP!”

I am a statue. My muscles cannot respond fast enough. Her frustration grows the closer she gets to me. I feel the cold. It is not of the foggy night air. It’s deeper than any chill I’ve ever experienced. It cuts like blades into your core. Her face, her ashen, dead face contorts in anger. Her lifeless black eyes pierce me. Her gossimer blood stained gown blouses out with the sudden rush that propels her right up to me.

If she was made of actual flesh, I could have touched her with no effort. I hear their screams as I stare directly into dead eyes. Their blood curdling screams fill my ears as my knees betray me. My brain no longer accepts this reality and I don’t remember hitting the pavement.

“Are you okay? Ma’am. Miss…” A voice calls out. A real, live voice. Warm hands touch my face.

I open my eyes to see a male face. Unfamiliar, but a welcome sight. I blink to regain my focus. I stare into deep hazel eyes.

“Yes. I think so. Yeah…” I mutter as I sit up.

“Easy, there. You were out cold.” The stranger extends his arm to brace me. “What happened to you? You were out cold in the middle of the road! ”

I put an unsteady hand to my forehead.

“I…uh. You wouldn’t… well. Hm. Haha.” I chuckle to myself and look up sheepishly to meet his concerned gaze.

“Here” he pulls a chair to me and assists me up. “You take a moment, I’ll grab us a cup of joe.”

Only now do I assess my surroundings. I am on a front porch. A famillar one. I blink as I try to focus beyond the porch. I scan around and notice I am two houses down and across the street from my own house.

“Here ya go, careful… it’s piping hot.” The hazel eyed stranger who is actually my neighbor furrows his brow. “Now, I have to ask again, Miss… how’d you end up in the road? ”

I sip at the delightfully warm and much welcomed coffee. After a second sip, I turn my eyes to him.

“Ever see any other strange things happen around here? If so, you’ll understand a lot better.”

His eyes turn down to the wooden planks.

“Mhmm. We’re talking train tracks, aren’t we?” His voice was laced with a hint of disdain.

“So, you know?” I whisper

With his eyes cut sharp, he chuckles, “Oh yes. The question is, do you?”

(To be continued…)


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