Walk to Defeat ALS

The walk this year was so different for me. I have worked hard this year to improve my health and although my outward appearance has not drastically changed, I noticed how much of a drastic difference this year has made in my overall health. This 2 miles has proven it to me!


Usually I dred the last half of the walk. I would get winded, be hurting, and struggled to get to that finish line. Especially that last, steady uphill climb. This year, with help from these folks, I made it thru without feeling like I was going to fall out.

My bestie really helped me push and keep going! When I started panicking in my head thinking it was going to be like before… she’d cheer me on… letting me know that I was doing good! Thanks to that encouragement, I DID do it and walked across that finish line (WALKED, not staggered!) and didn’t need to sit down for 10 minutes!

I am proud of myself and thankful for all the encouragement from Bestie and Butthead.


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