Weird Dreams


My dreams have been messing with my head lately. I keep having dreams that MIL isn’t gone. In the dreams, I am talking to her and I acknowledge she was gone but has somehow come back. Strange, I know!

Last night’s dream I had a convo with her about how strange it was that she was gone. How it must have been strange for her. Yet, I don’t know how she came back. The best I can describe the “feeling” from the dream is that she was just in a comatose state. I even remember thinking in the dream that I could add her number back in my phone. That was such a happy thought.

But I have to clear my head after I wake. I distinctly remember thinking this morning… “She is still gone, that was just a dream.” It’s like I am mourning her all over again. Again and again. I briefly thought about discussing this with Butthead, but I am afraid it will upset him too much.

So, I come to you, Lovelies. Help a girl out. Why do you think this keeps happening? Is there anything I can do? Have you ever had dreams that trouble you? Let me know, please!



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