Ever just have one of those days? Those: “I can’t brain today, I have the dumb” kinda days. This was me on Friday. I’m not at all proud of this, but for comedic value… here you go.

*driving to the grocery store, passing by a cow pasture*

Me: Aw! Cows! Oh! Those little ones laying down, are those babies?

Butthead: No, babe. They’re midget cows.

Me: -__-

Butthead: *cracks up*

*washing dishes while Butthead cooks*

Me: *turn on water* *waits for it to get hot* You got any dishes you’re done with over there, babe?

Butthead: *hands me a bowl and cutting board*

Me: *checks water temp… still cold.* why is it taking so long to heat up?! Gah… this ain’t right! *starts twisting knobs*

Butthead: what’s wrong?

Me: The wa- *turns cold knob, water turns off. I turn on the HOT water this time.* Nothing. Im an idiot.

Butthead: Not touching that! *laughs*


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