Ever have something you just don’t feel like spending money on to replace? Something you can mend, “well enough” to get by. Well… for me, its my glasses!

I wear contacts during the day, while in public, etc… I only use my glasses at home. So, really, who cares what they look like? I can’t justify spending that money…


Yes, ladies and gents… that would be a pipe cleaner standing in for the arm of my glasses. LOL.

Cheapskate. Im tellin y’all. What my daddy would call redneck ingenuity right there! He was the KING of this practice! Chain break in the toilet? Paper clip! Barbies head pop off? No need to buy another, just tape her neck and pop that golden lock filled head back on there! I could go on and on. Man was a genius! If bondo, duct tape, super glue or a band aid can’t fix it… you’re screwed!

How bout you,  Lovelies?!  Ever got creative to avoid shelling out money?


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