Tears That Stain My Face

The tears that stain my face will never be enough.
The tears of ten years flow like a river.
The tears I could shed, the tears I have shed… not one can bring you back.
If only it was that simple.  If it was only that easy.

I miss my parents like crazy. Ten years ago today, life as I knew it was bulldozed. An 18 year old, freshly graduated bright eyed me was forever transformed the night my mom… my best friend, collapsed in front of me. Gone in an instant.

Ten years and I still miss her more everyday. Days like today I get angry. Why her? All the horrible people in the world. .. why take her? She was still needed! She still had life to live! She was only 49!

W H Y?

Days like today I just want to curl in a ball and forget the world. Just lay in bed, sob and not move an inch. Ten years and still paralized by emotion. I just want to let the tears stain my face… that’s all they are good for.


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