Southern Speak

I noticed that here lately some folks have been interested in some of sayings or words that we southerners use. I got the inspiration from a convo with a friend. So here are three “Southern-isms” from yours truely.


Well, bless your heart! If a southerner says this to you- be offended! They basically just called you stupid. (With exception to children… mostly. They can really be “blessed”… and usually in a joking way! )


Ya know, you push it at the grocery store! I’ve known folks to argue this til they are blue in the face. Sis in law moved to Florida, no one there knows what a buggy is! A shopping cart? Pshhh. Buggy.


“They got that boy ruint!” And yes, that word is heavy on the rrrrr, nnnn, and tttt. Rrrrruinnnntt. Ya just hafta hear it.

Well! Thats it for now! I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know if I should do more! Or maybe leave me a word- whether you want to know what it means or just love the word/phrase and think it should be included!

Later, Lovelies!



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