What Kind of Parent Are You?


I am curious. How many of you parents claim a “style” of parenting?

I want to start writing about this. As I make my journey down this road, the closer I get to being a mom, I get more curious about these “styles”.

There are so many!
Crunchy, attachment, free range, helicopter… then you have all the associated methods. Cry it out, co-sleeping, baby wearing, breastfeeding vs formula… to pump or not to pump. Organic, all natural or Gerber it up? So many voices screaming their way or the highway.

That is another reason, I want input from y’all! It seems like an all out parenting war out there! Some articles I see posted on facebook are devisive and shame others for not doing it their way. Some moms I know are even almost elitist in their views. Bestie even does this.

Bestie posted recently with a hashtag: #breastisbest

This was a post about her many months of breastfeeding. Now- yes, by all means she should be proud! It’s an accomplishment. Breast is best. Yes, yes… that is true, but I couldn’t help but to think- how might that read to a mom who *couldn’t* breastfeed?

It’s little things like that, it drives me nuts! How moms can make little digs at each other. I have another fb mom… a few actually, who have ACTUALLY argued down and DELETED a friend over when to forward face a car seat. A CAR SEAT, FOLKS!

Is it all “momma bear” instincts or what? Cause to me it seems that being mommy is already a tough gig, why not rally and support instead of beating each other over the head with “mommy facts”?

Hit me with some parental knowledge, Lovelies!



6 thoughts on “What Kind of Parent Are You?

  1. Most of the mommy war stuff is ridiculous, and I eventually took myself out of the fb mommy group I was in. I couldn’t stand seeing the constant cattiness. There are more cliques than high school! I did a mix of breast milk and formula, plus delivered via c-section, so I was rather lowly regarded.

    The car seat thing is important as not having them fastened in properly or rear facing through two years makes it more likely to be seriously injured or die in a wreck. But many women are so darn rude about giving pointers on that they make it impossible for anyone to listen to them.

    I have no idea what kind of parent I would be classified as, but I do my best to stay informed and keep my kids safe and happy.

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    • Catty! Perfect word choice! It IS soooo catty! I do get the whole safety aspect of car seats, but these women were attacking each other! I mean, calling each other stupid… how does that help one bit? *facepalm* So now, not only is the misinformed mom still misinformed… she is LESS likely to listen when anyone else approaches her about it, even if they do it correctly! *sigh*

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      • Exactly. Why not send a polite message with a link to the pediatric association website with car seat recs instead of being nasty??! Craziness.

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  2. Parenting wars.. Parenting wars everywhere! So true!

    I’m of the belief that the majority of parents do what they can/know is best for their kiddlets! I try to support all of my co-mummy friends and family without judgement. We’re all individuals who believe in different methods. Take in all of the info you can and then make your choice.

    You do what you can sister! x

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  3. Honestly, you will figure it out based on what works best for you. Mommas offer all sorts of opinions. You just borrow this and that and share when things work for you. I don’t play into parenting drama. No matter what, it’s an adventure, to be sure.

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