Video Game Epiphany

Haha. So, our friend… let’s call him, Smokey… left us his xbox 360 and collection of over 100 games (no exaggeration) to hold on to for a while since he was moving and could not take everything with him.

Well, we got out a few select titles and fooled around on them. My favorite being “The Sims 3″. I created 2 characters (that Butthead pointed out look like us). I was super excited to learn that these Sims (unlike previous versions I’ve played) can conceive and grow a family!

So, when I excitedly told Butthead my Sims had successfully conceived- he paused and sighed.

Me:”What?” (Back turned to him, playing game)

Him: “You’re making me feel bad.”

Me:*turn, eyebrow raise* “Why?”

Him: “You are now living your baby fever vicariously through a video game.”

Me: *sigh* “Well…” (I didn’t know how to respond… he was right. I was way too excited that my VIDEO GAME self was pregnant. )


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