Calling All Moms…

I need insight into a “mommy brain.”

So, for weeks now Bestie has had me lined up to watch Lil Man and Turkey for her so she could go to her Mom’s induction into the college honor society.

Last night she text me:

Her: Nevermind
Me: What?
Her: I decided I don’t want to leave (Lil Man) that long… he doesn’t really know you that well and I’m just not comfortable leaving him, sorry.

OKAAAY. First off, last two or three weeks I have gone every Tues to watch him while she went to the Dr. He is nothing but smiles for me. Even Sunday, we went to the lake and I had him for a good 45 minutes and he was laughing and cooing the whole time.

Why does she keep making it out like I am incapable? I seem to work out other times, then she hits me with something like that.  It feels like an underhand dig somehow. Two- if he really “doesn’t know me” (which I think is an absurd statement) how is he supposed to get to know me if she keeps using that excuse?

Moms-help me understand! I am super frustrated!


15 thoughts on “Calling All Moms…

    • And it’s really douchey to make it seem like an error on your part, instead of just saying someone else asked. I could be wrong, but have been in that situation where a relative made a BFD so I told my friend never mind and why.

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      • I guess? But, yeah… I feel like its super douchey on her part. Like I “can’t handle” him. I am not new to this. I watched her daughter all the time at his age!


      • It is, for real. Might be tough for her to admit, but still can’t pin it on you. Hubby and I are supposed to go to the beach for the weekend, leaving our 10-month-old behind…i can feel the anxiety creeping up, but if it does my MIL will know it’s *me* not her.

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  1. Thanks! I feel better knowing that im not crazy for being offended. She has been super different with lil man than when she had Turkey! Is it a breastfeeding thing or because this is “her last” baby? Whatever it is… she’s super clingy and IMO making him a titty baby!


  2. Sounds like separation anxiety to me too. Last summer my daughters friends mom asked me to watch her son like 2 to 3 times during the summer break. After I said o.k she said well thanks for the offer and I will get back to you next weekend. Which really confused me. Then she never said anything. I ended up getting in touch with her to find out she decided to have her aunt watch him.

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  3. My sister is the same.. I’ve never watched her kids.. When we offer that’s the vibe I get, unfortunately. It use to bother me.. But doesn’t anymore 🙂 I think it comes down to too much anxiety/worry on their part. Try to not let it bother you too much lovely.. She’s the one losing out, not you. At the end of the day it’s HER issue not yours.. Remember that x

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