Healthy CAN Be Yummy

Who knew?! 

As a Southern girl, I love my Southern food! Fried chicken, mashed taters, fried green tomatoes… fried, well anything fried, really. Unfortunately, this Southern girl’s physique does not appreciate all those fried delicacies!

So… enter my Pintrest quest to find meals/ diets I can deal with. I found tons of info on the 21 Day Fix. Enough info to create my own system without paying the $80 for the program.

I love the basics of the program. It’s very smart system. I won’t list details here, honestly for fear of trouble. However, just turn to Pintrest! I promise there is all you ever need on there!

Butthead has been creating *UH-maze-ing* meals for us! Friday night was a work of art! Personal pizzas made from a whole wheat tortilla, a sauce he made from fresh avocados and onion, fresh bell peppers, tomatoes, onion, top round steak, and mozzarella!


It will make you wanna slap Papa John! Promise! And its healthy! How awesome is that!

So, here’s hoping I stay this excited about my new cuisine! Hopefully I don’t end up falling for the tempting call of a deep fryer any time soon!

Later lovelies!



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