It Makes Sense Now

Manic Depression.

I understand it now. The terminology makes sense to me finally.

I believe one of the greatest things my mom did for me was to be frank about depression and how it runs in my family.

I was only ten years old when my dad’s sister took her life. That was when my mom first told me about Manic Depression (Bi-Polar) and that it ran rampant in my Dad’s family. She told me to never be ashamed of how I feel and to always seek help if I felt like I was no longer in control.

Thanks to her, I have always kept a check on my mood, or rather try my best. Today I noticed I have been manic-depressive since MIL’s death. I have been in a pattern of ups and downs. Example: Manic day- Cleaning frenzy, shopping, talking, hang out and go eat. Next day, Depressive- Sleep all day, no motivation to get out of bed, even though there are things to be done.

Sometimes I have several manic days in a row before a depressive day and vice versa. But it’s been really bad as of late.

So… my question I issue to you lovelies who deal with the same/similar issues— How do you deal with those depressive days? Any advice to cope without meds? Any and all advice is welcome!
Thanks for reading!
Much love!



4 thoughts on “It Makes Sense Now

  1. I completely sympathize with you. I have always been predisposed to depression and have had depression and anxiety since I was young. But after the birth of my children I developed post partum depression and bipolar symptoms. I do take medication, but I think the best thing I do to handle it is exercise… I also make lists of the things I have to do for those days I’m too depressed. I don’t have a big support system, which is hard, because my husband and family doesn’t really understand, so I try to read blogs and communicate on here as well 🙂 I find that helpful.


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