I Bring it on Myself…

-Butthead and I are lounging in bed-

Me: *lunges and snuggles my face in his neck/under chin area* *giggle*

Butthead: Uhm. ‘Kay…. *laughs* *moves me out of my hidey spot and kisses my cheek, then rests his face on mine, my cheek to his forehead*

Me: *slyly sticks out tongue and sticks it to his forehead.* *snort, giggle, giggle*

Butthead: “Huh? Oh… really? That’s how it is huh?” *before I can wiggle free, he pins me and licks my face- chin to forehead… Labrador style.*

Me: “oh! Nooooo! Groooooooosssss! ” *sigh*


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