Try as I might, I am forgettable.

Maybe because I don’t wave my arms and scream- LOOK AT ME!

Perhaps it’s the way I put others first- even when I need so much.

I don’t cause a fuss. Nare a ripple in the water.

I don’t do what I do for any recognition. But, at the same time it hurts to be forgotten all the time.

No one notices when I am sad. That happy face works too well.

No one knows how many tears flow from my eyes. Hot showers conceal puffy eyes and sobs.

This illusion of treading easily a top the water must work well from a distance, because I’ve been drowning for so long- but no one notices.

I am forgettable.


2 thoughts on “forgettable

  1. no you are not. you are amazing and caring and thoughtful and funny and smart. not sure what is going on, but hang in there, girl. it’s easy to feel this way when you do so much for others and they seemingly take it for granted. trust me. they would miss all you do if you didn’t. if you are sad, let them know. even the best people are terrible mind readers! 😕

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