Another Year…

T-minus 2 hours left in my 27th year on this planet.

I am not quite as freaked out or depressed as I thought I’d be.

Although, there is a high probability that the lil old lady I take care of might pass away tomorrow. That sucks, a lot.

That is part of my absence on here lately. I was called in as a secondary caregiver for the couple my MIL works for. The lady has terminal brain cancer and is in in-home hospice. Today was pretty bad, she is showing all the classic signs of getting ready to depart this world. 😦

It sucks either way, but I would still rather her not pass on my birthday. That would REALLY suck!
Butthead worries I am too emotional for this line of work. But how can you be a CAREgiver and not care?! To me, you can’t!

Well… if you are so inclined to do so- please pray for the lil lady!



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