All That I Want to Say

It’s there.
I know it is. So much I want to say.
So much that needs to escape my head.

But, like an over crowded theater when someone pulls the fire alarm… every bit of info rushes to leave, but gets stuck at the door.

Somedays I just want to shut off.
Reboot. Recharge.
Turn off all my senses and just lie stagnating on the floor.
No one to answer to, no one to help, no one to call… no one to worry about.

Just do and be- nothing. Nothing at all. Have the world pretend I do not exsist, just for one day.

But would just one day be enough?
I would only worry about the next day…

Does this feeling ever stop? Feeling of just wanting time to pause and catch my breath? I feel like I am chasing life…




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