Holiday Hoopla


I hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday! I did. Spent time with family and I’ve got great stories to tell. I apologise for my absence, but it was a busy, busy holiday season.

We spent a lot of time over at MILs house. I had to stay close because I ended up working with her and covering some shifts for her. Then just spending quality holiday time over there. It was a blast. I have some great No Filters for you. I’ll be posting those, a new baby fever post and a new vape post!

Random hilarity I must share from earlier this evening. Tonight was our first night back home that we could sit and relax and just kick back. Our kitty baby was loving all the snuggles.

I picked Ninja up and cuddled him, remarking to Butthead, “I love smelling his fur, it smells warm and snuggly!”

To this Butthead replies: “Good thing you are not allergic or it’d smell like anaphylaxis. ”

Haha! Never missed a beat! Ah… I love him!

Stay tuned for more posts! I have much to tell y’all! Gotta catch up!



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