Mommy Advice Needed


So this time around, I need advice about a situation with Bestie.

Here’s the dillema as I see it:

Little Man is a “titty baby” in every way possible. He wants his mommas boob and nothing else. This is wearing Bestie out. She home schools Turkey and there are days that Little Man makes this damn near impossible.

That being said, I also feel that Bestie is half responsible for perpetuating this. She allows him to use her as a pacifier, she picks him up at any little fuss, she takes him from Loud Mouth, me or anyone else holding him when he first starts to fuss. She complained to me about Loud Mouth not bonding with Little Man… but from what I saw, she doesn’t allow him to. She never even let me try and soothe him, except for when she was in the shower and didn’t know he was fussing. How can Loud Mouth (or anyone else) soothe him and bond when she takes him away to pop the boob in his mouth?

So, I was wondering:
1. Why is Little Man like this? So clingy to her? Are her actions doing this?

2. How can I approach her about this without sounding “too intrusive”? Or should I say anything at all?

3. If I do speak to her about it, what options (if any) should I suggest to help Little Man not be so clingy?



5 thoughts on “Mommy Advice Needed

  1. My suggestion would be to not say anything to your bestie. Mommas are known to be extremely protective about their kids, and usually do not listen to reason (sometimes, me included). And, any suggestion that you give right now MAY be interpreted in a different way. I do not know the level of friendship between you two, but she COULD think that you are in no position to suggest/ talk about kids since you do not have the requisite experience, no matter your intentions. So, if you really want to broach this topic, tread carefully! It seems like a minefield! But yes, I do think that your bestie is partially responsible for the way her kid is clinging to her. Dads should be involved in the cuddling and bonding stage right from birth. Sometimes, when the baby cries, daddies should soothe and calm them down. And yes, boobs are not the solution every time.

    My 1 year old uses no pacifier, she is completely weaned now, and she is easily soothed by either me, or her dad, or even her grandparents when they visit. 🙂


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