Christmas Lights Snobs

Butthead and I are self proclaimed Christmas Lights snobs. We don’t mean to, maybe it is a touch of OCD, but we judge Christmas lights. None of which we do in mean spirit, just an amusing way to pass time on the road!

I compiled and named some of the craziness we come across.


So here goes nothing, Christmas lights Snobs guide to What Not to Do this holiday season! 🙂 Enjoy!


The One Strander- Our neighbor created this offense. He hangs one strand every year. Just one, from atop his garage to over his porch. Just one. That’s it. One. *Insert Max from The Grinch shrug here*


The Mix Match- Blinking and not, led and regular, white and multi-color. Mixing and matching your lights is the quickest way to grab a Grinchy growl from us.


The Etch-a-Sketch- Trails of lights from the bush to the tree, from the tree to the fence… you have essentially created a 3D Christmas themed etch-a sketch scene, all your lines connect!


The Floating Spiral- Ah, yes, you throw a strand in the tree during the day, but at night it looks not like a tree but a floating spiral of randomness!


The Saddler- Net lights are typically used for small bushes, to be stretched out over the bush. Some folks, we have learned, just plop them over top the bush. Voila, bush saddle of lights.

Now for a few that don’t involve lights


The Bow-tastic- Here a bow, there a bow, everywhere a bow, bow. Bows on EVERYTHING! If you start putting bows on the neighborhood cats… put down the red velvet and walk away!


The Over-Inflater- Last, but not least! If you cannot see your house for the inflatables in your yard… please, call Horders and pull that overloaded extention cord out of your outside outlet!

Hope this gave you a chuckle! Happy Holidays, y’all!



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