The Holiday Herd…


Okay, so it struck me today that people really do lack originality.  Especially during the holidays. Following the herd never became quite as ironic as it did today.


Yes. Reindeer cars. Oh how cute it was when they first started popping up! Now, it has become- well…ridiculous! I saw a HERD of these suckers coming down the highway this evening. One, after the other- SUV, mini van, and sedan all alike.

I want to tie you all together and put a sleigh behind you! Complete with a jolly fat white man in a red velvet suit. On Honda, on Chevy, on Kia! On Ford, on Mercury, on Izuzu and Lexus!

But, wait! You all have RED noses! No…no…no! There can only be one Rudolph! C’mon now, folks, how dedicated to this are you?

I need commitment, people! If you are going to do this, entertain me and do this right! Gosh darnit!

–Ahh… my brain is a scary place sometimes. Other times it just makes me giggle.



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