Turkey Talk


If you have read my Cast of Characters page, you know Turkey is my hilarious “niece”.

She cracks me up constantly. After spending the past few days with her… I have to share some “Turkey Talk”.

Talking to Bestie:
“Mom, I love Bubba, but I want a sister too.”
“No. We are done.”
“Well, I will just wish on a star like I did for Bubba and YOU WILL get pregnant again! ”

-After sassing back to Bestie:
Bestie: Don’t be smart!
Turkey: (honestly confused) But, I am smart…
Bestie: Dont be a “Smart-ellic” is what I meant!

Dancing to the Just Dance game-
“This is my JAAAM! ”

Also while playing Just Dance-
(Talking to Butthead)”C’mon Uncle ____, feel the beat with us! ”

Annnd my favorite from this weekend:

-Comes into living room where we are sitting around chatting-
Turkey:(Raises hands in “announcement” form) “Everyone- I have found us a new holiday to celebrate as a family!”

Bestie: Really? (Eyebrow raised and smirking- we all agreed later we were expecting a made up holiday)

Turkey: (very serious) Yes. It is called, Chanukah! (Very proud looking)

Me: (trying not to laugh) Turkey, hunny, we don’t celebrate Chanukah.  We are not Jewish.

Turkey: (disappointed) But you get to light candles and get presents for eight days!

Bestie: Aw, hunny, we celebrate Christmas. Jewish people celebrate Chanukah, remember talking about Jewish people in your lessons?

Turkey: (sigh) Okayyy. Yes. (Sulks away)

Haha! Poor Turkey. She perked up after she realized her Elf wouldn’t come if we didn’t celebrate Christmas. She loves that dang Elf!

Hope you enjoyed Turkey talk! I see MIL tomorrow, so I might have another No Filter for you! ♡



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