Vaping and It’s Positive Effects on Me


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Vaping has been the greatest recent change I have made to my life. I was skeptical at first. Skeptical that: 1. It would keep me from smoking and 2. That it would make such a difference!

It has made an astonishing difference. It has been a month now since I have even attempted to smoke. So much has already changed! I cannot wait to see how much better it will become once I start hitting more milestones!


Ten Great Benefits So Far:

1. My sense of smell– It’s amazing! I was completely clueless as to how much my nose was missing!

2. How I smell- I no longer smell like an ashtray. I enjoy putting on my coat and smelling the laundry detergent.

3. My breath and teeth- I no longer feel like I have to constantly chew gum. My teeth are starting to not look as dingy!

4. I don’t feel like I am running away from convo. – I no longer have to banish myself away for ten minutes at a time, just to return smelling of smoke.

5. No nicotine hands- No yellow fingers and nails. Also, if you have ever smoked and then put in contacts, you know how horrible it is to have nicotine in your eyes. It’s like Satan spit in your eye.

6. No more burns- As any smoker knows, accidents happen. Eventually you burn yourself, your clothes or your surroundings. Great thing about vapes-no fire!

7.  I can skip the convience store– I had to go buy smokes once a day. I now drive by the store on the way home and stick out my tongue! Haha!

8. Saving money- I have saved over $200.00 so far (not including Butthead) and have not smoked 50+ packs of smokes.

9. Energy and healing- It is absolutely amazing! Yesterday, Butthead, Bestie, Loud Mouth, Turkey and I tried out Just Dance on the Kinect for Xbox. I was UH-MAZED at how I did. I was not gasping for air, I did not feel like I had to stop- and we were gettin’ it!  Previously, I would have been fall down exhausted and gasping like a fish out of water. I loved feeling the difference! Plus, this morning, I did not ache. I was expecting to feel like I got hit by a truck! Amazing, I tell you!

10. This is by far the MOST important and life changing part. – My breathing.  I have not discussed this issue, mainly because of my own embarrassment. I HAD sleep apnea. Notice I said, had. Since I have quit smoking, I no longer snore as bad and I don’t choke at night (according to Butthead. ) Previously I snored terribly. Not cute, girly, wispy snoring- we are talking, strangling a wildebeest type snoring. (Again, terribly embarrassing) Loud Mouth and Bestie noticed this weekend that they did not hear me like they had before. They also noticed I was breathing lighter in general.

I am so pleased to hear that others are noticing a difference! It is exciting for me to know my apnea is going away. You see, I have been holding back the ENTIRE truth from y’all, my weight was not my only health roadblock to motherhood. Butthead and I knew I could not carry a child while having sleep apnea. It was not a risk we wanted to take.

So, folks- this marks one hurdle passed on my road to motherhood!





2 thoughts on “Vaping and It’s Positive Effects on Me

  1. Good for you!! It’s been 8 months for me, and the benefits continue. I had some oral surgery 3 weeks ago, and I am healing so much better this time! Amazing…That’s what keeps you going. That, and the money savings. Trying not to beat myself up “Why didn’t you do this sooner??”!

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