Black Friday Fail


Okay, so I’ve nursed my wounds enough to be able to write this. Let me just say… this experience COMPLETELY validated the reason I steered clear of this hoopla in the past. Humph.

To say I am salty over this experience is an extreme understatement. So if you detect tones of anger, bitterness and resentment, you are doing well into reading my emotional state.

Allow me to set the scene for you:
The entire week leading up to Thanksgiving, Butthead had been dropping his usual not-so-subtle hints. Elbowing me during the Wal-Mart commercial and saying “hmmm?” and pointing. (Yes, sometimes he reduces to a three year old.)

He wants a flat screen TV. I get it. Our ol Magnavox set is the TV I got as a child. Yes, my very first T.V. I got in second grade. It may very well be older than some of you! (Gasp) As everything is “enhanced” for digital, it degrades for standard TV. Its is getting damn near impossible to read smaller print and forget knowing the score on a Fox sports event.

So… sneeky ol me goes ahead and withdraws the cash on Wednesday! We get to MILs that evening and I tell her my idea. We plot to check out Wally World early Thanksgiving morning. I am pumped.

7 fricking 30 am… my butt is dragging thru the doors of Wal Mart. I trudge to electronics to find the circular and to get the scoop on the sales later that evening. But what do my wondering, sleepy eyes spy… a “pre black Friday” special tag. Color me interested.

40in Emerson LED HDTV for $115.00

Why, yes… I’ll take it! No crowds? No lines? Yes! Let me go consult sir Butthead… and I will be back!

Fast forward to 1pm. I dash back to electronics, happy as Santa’s little elves to retrieve my man a TV. This is how that played out:

Me to clerk: I would like this Emerson, please. (Smile and point to shiny TV.)

Clerk: (snort) We don’t have any.

Me: (smile fades, eyebrow raises) What?

Clerk: We sold out days ago.

Me: (befuddled) Uhm. (Looks back at deceptive signage) But, you still have the sign up. See? (Points with gusto)

Clerk: Yeah. We have to.

Me: so…raincheck?

Clerk: Uhm, no. No rainchecks.

Me: Kayyyy. So- (getting pissed)- you have a sign up for something you no longer have?

Clerk: Yes.

Me: You should take it down then!

Clerk: Can’t. Why should we take it down? We still have to advertise the price.

Me: (astounded and pissed) What? You DON’T HAVE IT! Why do you need to advertise the PRICE when you can’t get THE PRODUCT?! That’s like putting up a candy bar on the shelf and saying-oh, yeah… that’s a dollar, but you can’t buy it. WHAT IS THE POINT?!

-this continues, MIL jumps in, calls him a moron and declares false advertising. All to no avail, we walk away pissed and TV-less. I swear I will never go back to Wal-Mart! –

So I go back to MILs house, break down crying to Butthead. He consoles me as I blubber between sobs about wanting to suprise him and get him the TV. I think I even blubbered about “the meanies” at Wal Mart. He hugged me and laughed.

Fast forward to after dinner. I sit at the kitchen table staring at the circular from Wal Mart. Drumming my fingers, I stare at the 32in TV listed for $98.00. I begin to think, that was my first mistake. I map it out in my head. The sale for that TV starts at 8pm. I can get there at 6pm and stand 2hrs. That’s no big deal!

So…I puff up and load up. I triumphantly drive into town. As I pull into the madness, I begin to get that “are you sure you’re sure” feeling. After much patience and a shit ton of luck we get a parking spot (yes, MIL braved it with me). I weave my way back to the stupid balloon that said 32in TV-8pm. I get excited because no one is lined up. Then I got confused, because no one was lined up.

I notice a couple of clerks with yellow vests. The same yellow as the balloon. I figured, hey, make sure you are in the right spot. I ask the guy. He was as nice as could be, but he informed me that all the bracelets for the TV had been claimed.


He agreed it was total BS and apologised profusely. I think he could sense my impending emotional break. I thanked him and walked out cussing Wal Mart.

SCREW YOU, WAL-MART and you deceptive deals.

A G A I N.




4 thoughts on “Black Friday Fail

  1. What kind of crap was that all about? All there black friday hype and that is how its done? I have worked for walmart and if a customer didn’t like something they would call corporate about it. I had a customer call on me once. Lol

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    • I threatened to call corporate, the “moron” guy acted as if he didn’t care! :/ I was seriously mad. And to make matters worse- the personnel was ruder *before* the event than those who were there during all the madness!

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