Best Friends

Bestie and I FINALLY cleared the air. Apparently I thought she didn’t want/need me around and she thought I didn’t want to be around because I was mad or something. Turns out we didn’t want to “bother” each other and were too stubborn to pick up the phone.

I have spent today chatting with Bestie, snuggling with Little Man and laughing with Turkey. My heart is so full today.

I also feel very proud that I was able to give Bestie a few breaks during the day. Little man does not like being away from mommy, even a few minutes- but apparently I put the aunty magic on him and was able to keep him happy each time I gave Bestie a break.

But as you might have guessed-baby fever is baaaaaaack!


It’s back with a vengeance! I couldn’t help but hear my uterus scream at me everytime I held him-“Yeah, holding a baby… feels so NATURAL doesn’t it! ”

*pipe down, baby carriage… I get it! Shhesh*

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