New Vape Things


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Over the holiday I acquired new vape things! Some good, some not so much! Here’s the rundown!


1. Vintage E-Liquid “The Joker”
Wonderful taste, it is a creamy smooth blend with a hint of orange. It vapes great with a wonderful cloud production. It also comes in an easy to carry, zippo style bottle. It is quite wonderful!

2. This tank.– I don’t know what to even call it. Crap would be accurate. To be fair, it was $2.50 at a gas station, but I expected it would last at least 24 hours. My coil was going bad and I did not have a spare. I decided to get this tank to see me thru Thanksgiving. It lasted a total of *maybe* 15 hours before it stopped registering on my battery. Lucky for me, my coil wasn’t completely kaput.

3. My new coils! – I got the five pack the day after Thanksgiving! Ahhh. Satisfying vape returned and all was well!

4. My new tip- I got this for free, so I didn’t get to be too choosy.  I am still a little hesitant to use a metal tip. I have this fear i will knock my teeth out with it, haha!


I also “blinged” my vape. I made a charm and attached it. Just adds a little personality to it!  🙂



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