No Filter Round 5


Ah. Thanksgiving. It brings out the best No Filterisms. Enjoy!
(For previous No Filters, check out my Favorite Topics page! )

-Reading dessert recipes in a cookbook:
“Better than sex cookies… (snickers to self) I need to make me some of those! “

-Telling our client about us making deviled eggs:
But, I wrap the carton in aluminium foil, so it doesnt make the fridge smell like a big fart.”
(I swear, folks I can’t make this sh!t up!)

-Asking the lady employee at Kroger where something is:
“So, do you actually know where things are, or are you just directing traffic?”

-Butthead and MIL discussing the sweet potatoes:
Butthead: Okay, they’re ready to go.
MIL: Watch em close
Butthead: Mom, I won’t burn them … like someone I know. (Her knack for burning the marshmallows has become legendary.)
-few minutes later-
Butthead: SHIT! -pulls sweet taters out with chared marshmallow topping-
MIL: -busts out laughing- Just like home! *sing-song voice* Memories, ohhh Memories!

…but my favorite memory with MIL this Thanksgiving was making a Pineapple Upside-down Cake with her. I melted the butter and sugar. She mixed the batter. We placed the pinapple and cherries, poured the batter and baked it. It came out perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚ our first time baking it! We were so proud of ourselves, we even high fived! โ™กโ™กโ™ก



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