My Head Hurts

I feel the need to express my thoughts, having them bang around in my brain is causing a headache.

Ferguson. Everything about this situation is tragic. What I think bothers me the most is how polar people are becoming about this. In this day and age of instant information and media coverage we seem to take up opinions quite quickly. Sometimes these opinions are made too quick and with haste.

We are quick to jump on a bandwagon and ride away. All I am seeing on social media are polorized opinions. It’s either “no justice, no peace” or “they are riotuous thugs. ” I personally can’t get behind any of it.

As far as the decision goes, I do not know enough facts about the case to call it fair or not. I do believe that if twelve people said there is not enough evidence, then there was not enough evidence. There are cries on twitter about how “of course he got off, there was a white majority on the jury”. My response to that comes after a long moment of contemplation.  To that, I ask: just because they are white, automatically means they are racist?

Let’s think about this. Why is it okay to presume out of all the white people who are joining the protests, out of all the white people sounding off on social media, that the court found a handful of white folks that were for sure racist? That is ridiculous! Also, knowing that this chaos was a likely outcome, how incredibly hard do you think it was for that jury to make that decision?! If anything, indicting him would have been the EASY choice.

That being said, I understand how tragic it is this young man lost his life. I understand that this is a profoundly sad situation, two families will never be the same. Two families! It’s almost like people are forgetting that the officer is human too. He has a family too.

But perhaps the most tragic thing of all is the fact that people are taking to the street and creating violence and chaos. What does this serve? This is just the big kid version of a temper tantrum. It doesn’t resolve anything at all. In fact, it victimizes innocent people. Instead of focusing on positive movements like pushing for video recorders for all cops, people are burning businesses to the ground. It is senseless and ignorant. This does not create change.

Sitting here and writing this does nothing. Watching this chaos does nothing. Creating chaos does nothing. Protests are nice, but fall on deaf ears. Once the movement is started and has been seen, it takes time to come about.Change is slow. Change will come to pass out of necessity. Now in the meantime, all there is to do is mourn losses, count blessings and wait.



4 thoughts on “My Head Hurts

  1. I feel so bad for the family. As bad as it is to lose a son and to not have things go to trial, they have to endure the aftermath and know that’s what their son’s name will be synonymous with rioting and looting.

    As far as the decision not to indict goes, I’m torn as well from what I’ve read. The forensic evidence seems to point towards the cop being justified, but the cop’s own take on the events had so many inconsistencies and contradictions that I’m surprised it didn’t go to trial.


    • It’s getting worse, too. As more people are joining in across the country. Tonight, Atlanta had protests and marches and people were smashing car windows and shutting down the freeway. It’s just sad!


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