Southern Women

I try to hide my “southerness” in my writing, sometimes it slips out though.

I am known to go full Southern in real life. I found these youtube videos,  “Shit Southern Women Say”

Yes! Some of it is more for “hoity toity” women, as we would say, but here are my phrases I use that are in here:

Hey y’all!
Hey, how’s your momma and them?
Some fool
My hair won’t do nothing!
Fixin to
Lemme tell you somethin
Jack and coke
White Zin
Dumb as dirt
Bless their heart
Full as a tick
Tupperware (I was suckered in)

I plan on going thru the others, too. I will just add to this post below! I hope you get a good laugh as I did! 🙂

**Shit Southern Women say 2**

I did not realize how podunk I am, Lord have mercy! Haha

Homemade sin
Lord have mercy
Are you shittin me?
Don’t getcha panties in a wad
Hold an asprin between your knees
Ya eat yet?
Unsweet tea (eww)
Excuuuuse you!
Actin ugly
For Heavens sake!
Hot as hades
Ill as a hornet
Mashing buttons
Nutty as a fruitcake
Holler at me

—Shit Southern Women Say 3—

Okay. This is the most like me! This list is a doozie! (I had no idea, just how bad I was)

Miranda Lambert
All get out
I about died
Carry a tune
Chic fil a
_____as shit
Cut off
Daggum it
Oh hell no
I might could do that
Gussied up
Naked as a jaybird
Useta could
Tickled me to death
Worth a flip
Ain’t that pittiful
Spittin image
Turnip truck
Hush yo mouth
Worn slap out

Okay… then all this. I can’t even dissect this one. Just, all of it! (Well… except for the college football, I only yell “Sic em! “)

Shit Southern Women Say 4



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