Time for me to rant! This is about a story I saw on ABC News. Sometimes I think the news toys with us, just to see if we are paying attention.

This story involves the baby product Bumbo. If you do not know what a Bumbo is, here is a picture:


It is a baby seat. It is made of foam. Wonderful product but it is obvious, to me at least, this thing is not something you can just leave baby unattended in.

Well, the folks in the news story are suing Bumbo because they placed their six month old on the counter in this seat and she fell. Their defense? “It did not say not to place it on elevated surfaces.”

Hmm. REALLY? You need a sticker to tell you not to place your squirmy 6 month old baby on the counter in a light weight FOAM baby seat?! REALLY??!?!

As most of you know, I don’t have kids yet… but I don’t think that it would take much experience with children to know that a six month old is squirmy and heavy enough to overpower any stabilty that a foam seat would give them.


When will people start taking responsibility for their poor decisions? It is not Bumbos fault your child fell off the counter. The “new” design with a strap would not have helped. A sticker is not what you need. You just need to admit you had a lapse in judgement and move on!

Thoughts? Am I being too harsh or do you agree?



6 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I agree 100%!

    It’s insane that companies are expected to put certain warnings (like “Caution: Coffee is Hot”) on products just because someone will screw around and simply not practice good sense.

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  2. ha. oops. we were those parents. it was more a moment of looking away for a moment situation than leaving her unattended, but she fell. she was/is fine. it was not the product’s fault, but ours and we knew it. and never, ever would have considered otherwise. definitely, definitely crazy how litigious Americans are — was discussing this just the other day with someone. and that is the reason for all the stupid warnings on everything. this company, as i recall, is out of South Africa. wonder if that’s why they don’t have American-grade legal preventative warning language. yet. too bad, because Bumbos rule.


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