One Month


I have been vaping for a month now! I still have 5 cigs left in my pack I bought the day I bought my vape. I haven’t even tried to smoke one in about 2 weeks. I hate the taste! I figure that it’s a reinforcer- if I should want one, it’s there, but as soon as I light up, I hate the taste!

I got new stuff, too! New tip and new juice.


Dark pink drip tip matches my battery


Cosmic Fog e juice flavor, Kryptonite!

I love the new tip and the juice is great. It’s a watermelon flavor… but it’s not overwhelming!  It is, however, kinda pricey compared to my usual house brand juice. So, I won’t get it all the time. ($12 for 15ml vs my usual $15 for 30ml)

But, I am very excited that I am sticking to it! Whooohooo!



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