No Filter Round 4


More facepalms and snickers from MIL… for previous No Filters, check out my “Favorite Topics” page!

-Telling us a story about her old friend she recently visited:

MIL: …I feel so bad, she is living in a piece of ass little trailer…

Butthead: (cracks up) Mom, mom. (Laughs)

MIL: (looks confused) What? What is so funny?

Butthead: (still laughing) That’s NOT how you use that phrase! 

MIL waves him off and keeps talking.

Our convo about rice:

Buttheads nephew:(eating rice) I wonder what eats rice naturally?

Butthead: I dunno, it grows in flooded rice patties, kind of hard to access…

MIL: Foreigners eat the rice.

(We all stare at her)

Butthead: Mom!

MIL: Well, they do! It’s a staple in the asian diet!

Butthead: But, Mom, you can’t just say it like that! It sounds, bad!

MIL: Well… you know what I mean…

Calling around about pre-cooked Thanksgiving Dinners:

MIL: What is in your deluxe dinner? Mhmm…how much is that? PFTTT!  $150.00?!  I think I can find a pie and rolls elsewhere!

(Somehow we get on the topic of strip clubs, don’t ask, I dunno!)

Buttheads brother: Yeah, in other states they don’t get naked. They just have pasties and panties.

MIL: Well, what’s the use in that? You can see the same thing on the beach!

(We all pause, look at her… then crack up)

Well…that’s all for this week! I have a feeling Thanksgiving will provide several good gems for me to share! 🙂 Til next time!♡♥♡♥



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