My Mind Wanders…


My mind tends to wander… a lot. Here are some of my latest musings:

1. Why does my name sound so weird? Seriously, slow your mind down and think of how it sounds to you. Weird, right?

2. A lot of words sound weird. Potato.  For real, who came up with THAT?

3. What if aliens really exsisted? Would they facepalm at our sad exsistance or be fascinated at our strange ways?

4. Why is Kim Kardashians ass everywhere? For the love of good gracious… I do NOT care that she can sit a glass on her ass. I do not care, here or there… I do not care anywhere. 

5. Black friday. Why is it black? Why would I want to fight people for a TV? To save 50 bucks? Pfft.

6. Do we actually think in a language? I think I do? I speak English in my head when I think to write, but when I am not thinking of thinking… am I thinking in English?

7. What can’t our eyes see? How do we know if what we see is really there or is what others see? How do I know my blue is the same as your blue? We just call it blue. How do you describe it?

Hm. That’s all I got for now.



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