Cleaning the Vape


Cleaning Tutorial. Giving some insight into my new Vaping reality.
I guess as with anything that is better for you, vaping requires more effort on your part. Part of the extra effort is cleaning and refilling the vape.

In all honesty- taking photos, creating the graphics and writing this took 10x longer than the actual cleaning process! It takes (after getting the process down pat) about 10 minutes. I’ve hunted for a lighter for a longer period of time than that. So, it’s a fair enough trade!


1. Everything all together.
Here is another diagram to show the pieces and their names.


2. Remove tank from battery.
I start by cleaning the terminal. (Arrow) Swirl a q-tip around in there to get the juice and crud out.

3.Shows the black crud you get out of the terminal.

4. Next I shove a q-tip in the drip tip (mouth piece). You might have to get violent with this. I have to smush the cotton tip then forcefully convince it to go thru.

5. Grab the tank (see yucky juice remanents in there). Next is taking the tank apart.


6. Remove bottom part of tank.
Now flip it over on a paper towel that has been folded over a few times. Let the majority of the remaining juice drain.

7. Disassemble the rest of the tank. (Depending on model of tank, there will be different pieces) my tank is a KangerTech ProTank 2. It comes completely apart.

8. All pieces of the tank.

9. Clean every-and I mean EVERY nook and cranny of this sucker! Threads, inside, outside… all of it! I use paper towels and q-tips.


10. Shows tank disassembled, then put back together- almost. Put it all back except for putting the bottom on. You still have to refill it, silly! πŸ˜‰

11. Add JUICE!- AHHH, nice, clean, wonderful juice!

12. Screw bottom back on. Attach the tank back to the battery and- drumroll…. VAPE ON!

There you have it. The very basics of Vape maintainence! Woot! πŸ™‚

Til next time, Lovelies!β™₯β™‘β™₯β™‘



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