What a Day

Got sassed by a 70 year old.

Got a couple of No Filter gems.

Got an odd gesture from an out of place bicyclist.

So, I am a care taker. My clients are an elderly couple. Ms. A is usually a cheery patient. Well, not today.

Today, my instructions were to keep her up until 12:30 then she could lay down. She has been in PT, so just sitting up is a strengthening exercise. She wanted none of this! She tried to get to the couch, by herself. I stop her and help her over. Sneaky lil thing thought she would pull one over on me, and threw her legs up to lay on the couch. This convo ensues:

Me: Nooooo, Ms. A. You have to sit up.

Ms. A: (cuts eyes) Says who?

Me: Your Physical Therapist.

Ms. A: Well, she ain’t here!

Me: *sigh*


I also got a couple of No Filter-isms today as well. MIL was on it today!

Speaking of a scary situation that happened near by yesterday:
“Its things like that, that make me want a gun. I told myself I would get one years ago, before I divorced ______. Truth be told, its probally good I didn’t. He made me soooooo mad! I don’t think I woulda shot him, but it would have been tempting. (Laughs)”

Telling me about picking up our lunch at Subway: “As I was getting our sandwiches, they were toasting the guy behind me’s sandwich. It smelled so good, I thought about knocking him in the head and taking it! (Laughs)”

*I am not sure why so violent today! Haha! Not like she’d ever do it… I hope 😉 *

–Finally, as I was driving home, about 5 miles from home I passed a guy on a bicycle. Sounds normal enough… except we live a good ways out from town. Not many folks riding bikes. Then to add to the oddity, as I pass by him- he blows a kiss and waves! What?! I looked in my rearview, he’s still just waving away! WHAT?! Essh. Weird!

At least Butthead was getting dinner together when I arrived. Yummy, homemade chicken and rice soup. Ahhh. At least I didn’t have to fumble with another dinner disaster. 😉

C’est la vie!



3 thoughts on “What a Day

  1. That’s crazy. Guess what happened to me yesterday? The same day you saw your bicyclist. I was driving home, a couple blocks from my house I saw this guy riding a bicycle one handed and he was holding a banana in his other hand. And then as I watched, he put the banana up to his ear like he was talking on the phone. No one was around, but just then I pulled along side him and turned my head and smiled a big smile at him. It was just so odd and delightful and funny.

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