My eyes and body scream: SLLLLEEEEEPPP FOOL!

Brain: Nope. Nothing doing. deeeeee-nied!

Instead, let’s sit here… in the dark, watching the vapor escape your mouth in different and varying puffs. Yes, let’s!


So, that also leaves me looking at my posts, my stats, this, that and the other. Trying to figure out why one post is better than others. Pfft.

At first I thought the No Filter thing worked… then it didn’t. I dunno. Hang in there with me, please! I am still figuring things out.

*grumble* vape just died.

–this ramble/ stream of consciousness brought to you by Insomnia and the letter Y.–

*hums Seasme Street tune* (hoping that reference didn’t get lost)

→ok. Ok. Goodnight!



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