More Mommy Questions


I tried this a while back, I’ll give it another shot! After all, I want as much honest Mommy advice as I can get! I am on my way to getting healthy and ready for pregnancy and I like stock piling information well in advance! 🙂

1. What is the best “ah-ha” moment you had as a new mom? One that helped you settle into your new role as a mommy?

2. Scariest thing about Motherhood that no one warned you about?

3. Do you follow a “parenting model” or identify as a “type” of parent?(I.e.- attachment, crunchy, baby led) Or did that go out the window quickly?

4. Best advice you ever recieved about becoming a new mom?

I hope you can take a moment to answer these! If I get enough responses I hope to repost with a summary of advice!

♥♡♥♡ Thank you!



4 thoughts on “More Mommy Questions

  1. I’m not a new mom, my girls are 23 and 22, with one having little ones of her own, but thought I’d add the ‘seasoned viewpoint’.
    1) Realizing in the first few moments of life with my little one just how much I loved her. Happened both times. I was unprepared for mother-love.
    2) Same as 1. Yep. It can be scary and awesome at the same time.
    3) No model, per se. Just followed my instinct and it seemed to have worked. Both of my girls turned out to be functioning members of society without a jail record, and, if you ask me, two awesomely strong and beautiful women!
    4) “If they’re not sleeping through the night, they aren’t getting enough nourishment during the day. It’s time to add cereal, baby food, solid food (whatever was appropriate at the time). Listen to your baby, not your Dr on this” From my MILove, and she was right.

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  2. The scariest thing no one ever warned me about was the first time my baby slept through the night. Everyone always talks about the sleepless nights, but no one ever mentioned the fear I would feel waking up the first time to find daylight outside my window. My daughter slept 10 hours straight, and she was only 3 months old. Terrified me! She made up for it the next night of course. 😉

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