Cooking and Me


I believe I’ve mentioned this before- but oh Lord have mercy, I do NOT belong in the kitchen!


No lie, y’all! Butthead keeps us well fed. I fill in as necessary. Tonight was one of those nights. And love him to death, Butthead is nothing but gracious when I cook. Here is our convo as we sat down to eat.

*I sit the plates down*

Butthead: Looks good, babe.

Me: Pfft. Okay. (Laughs)

Butthead: It does! Thanks for cooking! (Begins eating)

Me:(takes a bite of the pasta) mmmph… we are out of mayo.

Butthead: (laughs) that’s okay.

Me:(takes bite of spinach) BLECK.

Butthead: It’s spinach, from a can. Not much you can do Babe. (Takes bite of chicken) Mhmmm. Chickens good!

Me: It’s what I did the least to! (Grump face)

Butthead: (laughs) Hey… sometimes that’s best! Some folks can’t cook it without making it taste like a sponge!

This is one reason I love him so much! I told him I’ve learned enough from him to make it look good, now I need to work on the taste! Haha!


I have graduated from microwave cooking to using the stove! And I make a mean Sloppy Joe! (The only thing my Mom taught me to cook) I just feel a bit inadequate as a southern woman.

-Can’t cook.
-Not married.
-No kids.

I have failed as a southern woman! All I have going for me is my love of football! Haha!



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