No. This has nothing to do with religion. Grace was my nick-name my parents gave me when I was little.


This was one of those ironic nicknames.  Kinda like calling the fat kid, Tiny. I was called Grace- as in, [insert various mishap] then I’d hear “Way to go, Grace!”


I figured I’d share this, as it has been a conversation between Butthead and I while we ponder what our future kids will be like. I pray they have his coordination!

Seriously. As I think ahead to parenthood, I seriously feel for what my parents went through with me. Starting from the time I could walk. My mom told me that my first few steps launched me head first into the coffee table. Growing up, I was unaware we had one, this is because after my head dive into it- she moved it behind the love seat. The fact that it didn’t come out after my toddler years reveals a lot about my mothers confidence in my coordination!


Age 5. I got my magnificent Barbie Corvette! I’m sure my parents thought… much safer than a bike! Low to the ground, it has doors- what could I possibly do to hurt myself? Oh… my poor unassuming parents! I know the words for “wtf” had to run through my Dads head as he came running to me calling for him. He, however, instantly laughed when he saw my predicament.

Yes, ladies and gents, I had run my Barbie car UNDER the side of his truck. This was our conversation:

Me: Daddddddy! Help!

Dad: Back up. (Snickers)

Me: (ramming my chest and face against the truck, because I’m hitting the pedal) I caaaaaaaant!

Dad: The button! Flip it to reverse! (Snorts with laughter)

Me: (beginning to cry) I-I-I ca-ca-can’t reeeeeach it!

So he laughs as he drags me out. There were constant cases like this. Falling off the bed and getting stuck between the bed and the wall… falling down the stairs…and of course, just tripping and falling. One Christmas I asked, begged for a skip it.


It was the only thing I ever begged for (besides a brother or sister)  that I didn’t get! Looking back… I know why. They feared I would kill myself with it.


Anyhoo… I seriously worry my kids will get nothing from me but my poor coordination!


Seriously, people. This is what I envision! At least if this is the case and they are mischievous lil shits like their dad, they will be easy to catch when they run for it! Ha!



7 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Now that is a good read 😉 I am snorting!!! Actually almost spilled my wine (and boy that would have been a catastrophic event for me!!!) Your kids will be fine. Love, how you tell this story… Thank you for this! And I am so sorry, I had to laugh! But I really had to… 🙂

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  3. From a fellow klutz, I can relate. In fact, I was worried that my 15 month old son had inherited none of my qualities until recently when I started to see him running into walls as he looked the other direction. Something I distinctly remember doing as a kid (while hearing my parents say, “Watch where you’re going!). Thanks for sharing!

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