No Filter Round 3


(If you haven’t seen my previous posts: No Filter and No Filter Round 2, please see those! )

Taking a sip of coffee: “Whooo,  That’ll knock your hat in the creek!”

Argueing with the girl at the McDonald’s drive thru: “All you have to do is read THAT screen AND put the food IN THE BAG! IS WHATS ON THE SCREEN, IN THIS BAG? NO! IT’S NOT!”

Talking about my Step Brother in Law and his wife hosting Thanksgiving: “I don’t want burritos for Thanksgiving!”
*disclaimer- Yes, his wife is from Mexico, but to MILs defense… that’s all she’s seen her cook. If it was me, her comment would be ‘I don’t want sloppy joes’ (my specialty).*

Talking about all the political commercials littering the airwaves lately: “They all lie! (Talking to TV): I DON’T WANNA VOTE FOR YOU! SHUSH!”

I know these don’t have to do with the “no filter” really, but, I find it funny! Hope you do, too!

*Xzaray- “x-ray”

*Lizbin- “lesbian”

*Zackabees- “Zaxbys, a local restaurant chain”

*Fooler- a pacifier

*Shit Tickets/ Butt Wipe- toliet paper (lol, swear to God! You can’t make this up!)

Hope you enjoyed this round of No Filter!  Til next time!♡



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